Evelyn Gandrup mentor & coach

Entrepreneurial skills

My latest business was founding and running a small wine import. We sold delicious wines online to private consumers and restaurants for nine years. But as much as I love wine, I realised at some point that this was not my dream, I wasn’t happy with my career path. I sold my business and started a new career as a mentor.

I have entrepreneurial skills from 20+ years and can help you with your professional, but also personal dreams. As high-achieving women, we have a lot on our plates, and sometimes we lose ourselves in the process. But when we believe in ourselves and decide to work consciously on our dreams, we can make it happen.

My skills entail start-ups, marketing, sales, project management. 


I believe it’s my gift to guide and inspire others. I want to help women find their power so that we all can serve as role models for young girls, our daughters and grand-daughters, showing them that we make our dreams come true. I have a very personal reason for wanting to do this.

I grew up in a safe, but quiet and negative environment. My mother didn’t show any love and silenced me as a very young girl. She told me I had nothing of value to say. My opinions didn’t count. I felt unimportant, invisible – and I kept my opinions to myself.

When I was 17 years old, my father died. Coping with his passing was a trauma my family couldn’t handle and, eventually, my family fell apart. We became isolated islands with no communication. I felt lonely, abandoned, and I felt that I didn’t belong. I don’t even remember having a dream.

As an adult I have lived a full life with my own family, travelling around the world, working on my own terms, having what most people would call a successful life. But the feeling of not belonging, not being in the right place has always been active within me. I was feeling stuck, unhappy and I couldn’t go on pretending any longer, I couldn’t live a life that was successful on the outside but lonely and hollow on the inside.

So in midlife, I changed everything. I started over – in all areas of my life. I realised that I couldn’t wait for circumstances around me to change to feel good or to let events from my past rule my present. So I faced my fears, my limiting beliefs and habits and changed them – I changed me. It’s incredible to discover that when you change yourself, everything around you changes as well. I found me, and I found my dream. It’s never too late to make significant changes and reach for happiness and go for what you want in life.

I believe this is my gift

This is why I work as a professional coach and mentor today. My story is my reason for doing this. I want to help you change your circumstances, to help you take you from where you are to where you want to be.

My mission

My mission is to help you, a woman in midlife, to empower yourself to dream big and to step into your full potential and live a fulfilled and prosperous life. Personal growth is the foundation for success in your personal life, but also professional life and business.

Be the main character of YOUR story

The world needs us, we who have found our true vibrant selves, acting with confidence. When we step into our greatness, we empower magnetic energy which will move the world in the right direction. We become role models for young girls, who will be inspired to dream and act on their dreams.

This is important to me, growing up without any role models; without a dream; and with a voice that didn’t matter.

My long-term goal is to start a non-profit organisation that mentor teenage girls to make sure they understand that their opinions matter and they can become whoever they want to become and do whatever they want to do. The world needs confident and hopeful girls that will claim their place in it.

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Other facts about me

I’m an active and out-going person. I love theatre and art, I read and write poetry, I do bouldering, yoga and meditation. London is my favourite city, I love Guinness and white Burgundy wines, and I hold New Zealand as my favourite country in the world. I’m also very proud of my Scandinavian origin, and I find Norse mythology fascinating. In general, I believe in a positive approach to life.

I enjoy an extensive international network through my voluntary work as a Consul at InterNations, a worldwide expat organisation, and I’m mentoring young people through Mentor, as a volunteer.

“The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”
– Neil Gaiman