A Saga

Turmoil ruled. The world was crumbling, shaking as if in the midst of an earthquake. Planet Earth was once a blue planet, a bright star full of potential on a milky way. But the atmosphere changed over time, and the star darkened, in body and soul, poisoned by evil forces, strained by mad ignorant men empowered with ego and greed. […]

Mentor & Coach – A Difference

Many successful people choose to invest in a network of mentors and coaches working with them, just like a personal trainer. The mentor/coach guides them toward their goals founded on their experiences, but in different ways and different stages of the development. Mentoring and coaching are used extensively today, but what is the difference between the two? When do you […]

Red Angel

Some friends are like heaven-sent, and you timed your entry perfectly, just like a true angel would. You painted the world in colour; you stood out, you embraced the world. To me, you were the vibrant colour of red, the colour of life, heart, love…and your lipstick. There was so much fun, such deep conversation and so many words. * […]

Memory hack

I pluck a memory from its entangled environment. It is not hard to find since it is all lit up, like a lighthouse in the dark. An active thought has the brightest light, no matter how dark a thought. This memory is annoyingly disturbing and quite frankly a troublemaker. I wrestle it, take it apart and replace dark with light. […]