I found myself in the wrong story – and left

I was going around my business, as usual, living my life of joy and sorrow, ease and struggle. My brain, however, was not too impressed with my choices, nor the left or the right side. I had built a wall between the two, an impenetrable void. I had pretended for a long time, but pretence is a wolf that eats you up from within.


The void was the ”subtle” work of my soul, screaming at me, smacking me in the face in a most acute way. I had no choice but to wake up and get on my two confused feet. After a hundred years of slumber, I went on a new thrilling journey, zig-zagging, but eventually finding the path, leading to my magical Queendom.


And what a sight. There was the meadow of infinite potential, the deep sea of pulsing energy, the lush forest of love and a new connection of left, right and centre. The bright colours filled my senses and streamed right down my spine. When mirroring my true self, I found a new and enchanting world and made it my reality.


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