Artist | Entrepreneur | Wine Diva | Dreamer


I would describe me as a wild child at heart, an adventurer, a seeker of beauty and truth, and I just love change. Change is the engine to development, the spark of new realities, the oxygen when growing. 

My hopes and wishes are that you feel the same powerful energies when looking at my art as I feel creating it. I get lost in delightful mysteries and abstract fantasy worlds and bridge them over to worldly realities.  I would like to think that energy in abundance flows through the artwork and forms a concept of motion and emotion, like visual storytelling. 

As an artist, I use my visual eye and graphics experience to lead me to abstract expressions. I would say that all my artworks are self-portraits, in different ways. I mainly use acrylic paint on canvas, as well as oil paint, charcoal, pastel crayons.


I have worked in different lines of business. I am a trained graphic designer and a certified wine sommelier. As an entrepreneur, I have worked in the advertising business as an Art Director, and in the wine business, importing European wines for online sales. 


To hear from you. My artworks want new homes, and I would love to share my stories with you.