Online course The Dream Challenge


A 9-weeks online course for self-studies.

  • Clarify the Dream.
  • Identify and eliminate your limiting beliefs & create new empowering beliefs.
  • Form a daily ritual to reinforce the new beliefs.
  • Make a committed decision.
  • Envision & form a powerful strategy.
  • Discover what the challenges are.
  • Incorporate new habits to generate powerful self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Master living in the present where all the power is.
  • Decide on the inspired right action plan.


Start on November 26, 2021. You will receive an introduction and the first lesson on this date, then a new lesson every week, posted on Fridays.
Q&A on December 2. We meet in total, 5 times during these 9 weeks.

€ 297


Free online course dream

D.r.e.a.m. is a 5-weeks free mini online course. Coming soon.

People who have dreamed big and succeeded in their effort seem to be working by a formula, an algorithm: D-Dreaming. R-Routines. E-Effort. A-Accountability. M-Mindset.
The course is an introduction to the algorithm and pre-paving you for the course The Dream Challenge.

Online course kickstart your dream

Kickstart your dream is a free online course. 27 July – 23 August 2020.
Registration is closed.


A 4-week course guides you step by step on changing your mindset to start LIVING YOUR DREAM.

  • How to deal with the mind-chatter that is self-sabotaging you.
  • How to uncover limiting beliefs and dream YOUR Dream.
  • Learn about passion & purpose and Ikigai; how to be present in the now.
  • Learn how to allow yourself to dream BIG, set an intention and watch as the magic happens.


“This course will give you methods to help you find out what you TRULY want, inspire you to make it happen, and teach you how to fulfil your personal and professional dreams. It will kickstart you in the butt to get going!”
Annica Linusson

“This course is short & straight to the point, with presentation & exercises to do, to create the change you always wanted. Even if you are not sure what you want, this will make you find who you are and what you want. “
Élisa Lopez


“The course is a wonderful course which I can fully recommend. The teacher does a great job to explain everything in an easy way. Lots of wonderful insights.”
Heike Lee


“This course is interesting and giving. If you feel lost in the ocean of opportunities and looking for your North Star to find your way out to the land of success, then this is a course for you.”
Mihaela Jekic


“I would recommend this course to anyone! The teacher is amazing at making you consider and question ideas you thought you understood. She explained how to find our dreams and the steps to reach them, and she also explained which factors may be holding us back from achieving them. This course has opened my eyes, and I am thinking about my life and what I want more. I will definitely make changes and hopefully achieve the dreams I had given up on.”
Alexandra Kopczynska-Jungbeck



The discovery call is a no-obligation 30-minute coaching call—an opportunity to find out how I can help you.

The two most important days of your life is; the day you were born and the day you discover why”. – Mark Twain