The forest mirrors you

Strolling along the path, I greedily inhale every nuance of the soothing green.

I feel elevated as I move with you in your elf dance, floating soft on the moist moss with your tiny feet, just barely touching the ground.

No shades can possibly tone down your radiant beauty; you are the sun as she showers her beams through the foliage.

All my senses are filled with awe as I let the sweet singing-bird caress my eardrums with a symphony of nature, in your key.


I stumble over the tough roots, winding their way through the darkness of the earth, wriggling in front of my lofty feet.

I am filled with laughter as you play hide and seek in the lush greenery, just like the high spirited gnome outwitting anyone passing her.

You lead me to the generous fragrance of the wild.

And just as Spring announces her arrival with bursting buds of life, you greet her, full-mouthed.

Absorbing your energy, I am overflowed with love.


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